Welcome to LA Hacks 2017

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Slack: lahacks-2017.slack.com

Need help?: mentor.lahacks.com

Anonymous Safety Report: bit.ly/2oqZiNV

Frequently asked questions

Where can I get food?

We serve food at designated hours in the South East part of the upper-level, outer concourse. Refer to the schedule for more information about the times. If you want food from elsewhere, you can order Postmates or Uber Eats to the Ackerman turnaround, 325 Westwood Pl, but you'd have to go there to pick it up. You can Yelp some good spots to eat around campus!

How do I get hardware?

Come to the hardware tables in the lower-level hacking area. You can also go to WearHacks and click on LA Hacks.

I'm stuck! I need a mentor!

Call a mentor using HelpQ.

I don't have a team yet!

If you missed the team formation section that was held at 10:30pm in the outer concourse, you can always use the #team-formation channel on the Slack.

How do I join the Slack?

Join here. All the organizers are named lah-(firstname) - So ask us on there if you have other questions!

Where can I sleep?

We have a designated sleeping area in the Los Angeles Tennis Center.

When can I shower?

We've reserved the showers from 3 - 7pm on Saturday at the Visiting Team Locker Rooms. Stay tuned for more info on that.

When does LA Hacks end?

The closing ceremony is scheduled to end at 3pm on Sunday, and buses will leave too shortly after.

I'm under 18, can I leave Pauley?

No you are not allowed to exit Pauley without a parent or gaurdian, or someone who has been granted written permission to monitor you from your parent/guardian.

When are the hacks due?

You must submit them on Devpost by 9am on Sunday, but you can add finishing touches until 10am on Sunday.

How do I 3D print?

Follow these instructions. Make sure to submit your .gcode and .stl files in this folder or email them to Traction Labs.

How do I get to the Pavilion Club?

Go to the North-West corner of Pauley Pavilion from the Main Floor and walk through the hallway labelled UCLA Basketball. There is an elevator at the end of the hallway. Take this elevator up a floor to floor M (the Pavilion Club). There are two key rooms there, the Chair Room and Table Room that will host the workshops and Panels as per the schedule.